Sally Brown
Sally Brown is a passionate writer and well-spoken 9th grader, who will stop at nothing to get her point across. One point she’ll never stop bringing up is the importance of all forms of literature in her life. Starting from a young age, writing spoke to her and gave her an outlet to express her emotions. Her love of journalism stems from a deep-rooted belief that society is responsible for informing the public and recording history. Speaking of journalism, Sally has been a proud member of the Newspaper department at Somerset since 6th grade. She has no intention of leaving the school newspaper, for she’s much too committed to the wonderful people involved. In Sally’s free time she writes poetry and stories, listens to music (currently going through a musical theatre phase), and hangs out with her loving and supportive family. Sally is a hard worker and knows what she wants. This year she wants to make it the best 365 days of her life and devote herself to improving the school Newspaper.

Sally Brown, Content Editor

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Sally Brown