Driving Together Towards Compassion: Somerset Teacher Gifts Student Car

Nicolas Giacalone, Sally Brown, and Mrs. Taylor


Kassandra Bock

A Teacher’s Gift

Sally Brown, Content Editor

In a time almost governed by fear and mistrust, an act of kindness drives through the Somerset Academy Canyons (SAC) parking lot. On December 18, 2020, at 3:30 PM, Ms. Kate Wyce, an English Teacher for SAC, gave the gift of compassion through the guise of a car to a deserving family and their kindhearted son, Giordani PointDujour. All around teachers, staff, and students alike joined to celebrate and congratulate this most gracious deed.


When asked why she committed this immense act of generosity, Ms. Wyce commented “I had it to give, and knew someone who needed it.”


Driving Together Towards Compassion: Somerset Teacher Gifts Student Car (Sally Brown)


Student, Giordani (Gio) PointDujour, is often at school after everyone else has gone home since he often cannot receive a ride home. However, he has yet to let this time flow idly by. He is an integral member of the Somerset Community since he can often be seen either aiding the teachers and staff or out on the football field.


Gio gives a tearful “thank you” (Sally Brown)


Despite this, he received the car because he has, since ninth grade, expressed nothing but kindness for his fellow students and respect for his teachers. Gio, Ms. Wyce remarked, “has such a big heart”.

A Somerset Teacher embraces a deserving student (Sally Brown)


Upon receiving the vehicle, a Chevrolet Sudan, Gio cried out, almost in tears, “It is honestly such a blessing these people have helped me so much…it means a lot to me to be able to help this [Somerset Family] just by going out there doing [kind acts].” Following which he humbly proclaimed, “hopefully I won’t let anybody down!”


Giordani has overcome many obstacles and, in Ms. Wyce’s words, “He works hard, he tries his best at everything, [and] has so many admirable qualities!”