Club Rush: Get Involved


Sally Brown

Club Rush this past month introduced many students to the variety of programs at Somerset

Madison Barrass, Grammar Editor

On October 5, 2021, the first in-person Club Rush since 2019 allowed students to view and gain contact with leaders and members of the various clubs offered on campus.

The bright and colorful atmosphere, accentuated by the lively boards hoping to attract new members and loud pop music, made the return of Club Rush welcoming, open, and lively.

Grace Reiner and Kaleb Chester represent the Fitness Club

Many underclassmen have yet to experience high school Club Rush and the opportunities it can provide. Not only does it allow students to hone their interests, but it gives a chance for them to establish personal communication with the leaders and board members of these clubs and societies. From there, they can gain first-hand knowledge of what they can expect from the club they hope to join.

Club leaders take pride in what they and their interests can bring to the school atmosphere beyond academic studies.

Similar to the National English Honor Society, each club put together a board to represent their respective clubs (Sally Brown)


ORCA advocates for the preservation and cleanliness of our local marine environments, holding beach clean-ups and several other fun activities that students can gain community service hours.

“It’s important to have clubs like ORCA because we need to spread awareness of ocean pollution, and the importance of preserving marine life and ecosystems. In this club members can gain new knowledge of marine life, receive a bunch of community service hours, and have cool experiences exploring the oceans and beaches of Florida.” says club president, Kineret Zacaria.

For those who have a passion for math, Mu Alpha Theta offers students the ability to expand upon their skills but to help other students who may struggle with math.

“It’s important to provide math help because it’s a subject that a lot of students hate simply because they don’t understand the material… I know that once they understand it, they won’t hate it as much. It is a wonderful experience helping others finally understand their math work and it brightens up my day knowing I was part of that and that i am able to help them.” says Julie Dzierw, club president.


New progress has been made in regards to strengthening the love for history on campus. This year will be the first for the National History Honor Society, hoping to help those find their true passion for reading about the past.

“Hopefully students will gain a semblance of what it is like to work together with like-minded peers in a shared pursuit of historic study, which is really where the true enjoyment of this field comes into play…We [historians] rely quite heavily on discussion and intelligent exchange, and the constant flow of ideas. I hope that students will be able to acquire a new appreciation for a field of study that is very much alive and well, and perhaps further refine their skills as prospective historians or hobbyists, which ultimately leaves them with a strong skill-set to carry into college.” says National History Honor Society co-sponsor, Mr. Kenny.

Club Rush hopes to continue to inspire our Cougars to seek out their interests and use them to better both the school and the local community.


The clubs, like the Multicultural Club, are designed to bring students together and create a sense of community (Sally Brown)