SPRINGing into a New Sports Season

Somerset congratulates the past sports seasons and welcomes the next with a Pep Rally

Class officers drop everyday politics and celebrate a special day.

Sally Brown, Content Editor

With a great cougar roar, Somerset ushered in the Spring Sports Season with the Spring Pep Rally which took place on February 7, 2020. The students within the Student Council played host to a plethora of events including Knock Out, Blanket Drag, and a Clothing Sack Race in addition to hair raising acts by Somerset’s very own dazzling Dance Team and charismatic Cheerleaders; plus performances by of the cast of the “Little Shop of Horrors” and Mr. Dunn’s brilliant Band students. Before the stunning ovations given to the triumphant cougar sports teams (Girls’ and Boys’ Soccer and Basketball plus Cheer and Girls’ W.T.), Mr. Groezinger came out to congratulate and address the student body.


Mr. G expressed his pride in Somerset and thanked “[the students] for [their] efforts and [their] teachers’ efforts… thank you for being here.”



Sally Brown
Mr. G points towards the future ahead.


True Cougar spirit rushed through the crowd as each of the Boys’ and Girls’ sports teams took a champions lap around the gym. Boy’s Soccer, especially, deserved a round of applause due to their recent streak of victories. With each triumph by Somerset’s athletic department, it is easy to how students like Class Representative Harli Zeitz, who believes, that there’s “Lots of spirit and energy.”

Sally Brown and Kaci McKean
Our charismatic cougars cheer on their fellow athletes


Mr. Dunn’s Band class, with a special Solo performance by 11th grade David Ranney, filled the gym with their sweet music to the tune of “Black Eyes”. Melissa Tavin, who proudly plays the clarinet for the school band, said “Performing for our school was fun and eventful. I’d love to do it again.”

Colby Abuhoff
David Ranney has reached the top (of a chair)


The games became fiercely competitive with each grade becoming enveloped in the drama. Many students like 10th grade Kailey Cerasetti find the games to be a crucial portion of each Pep Rally, “I am looking forward to seeing the future games and, I believe that student participation in these games is the heart and soul of these spirit weeks.”

Sally Brown
Grades battle it out to prove who’s got the most cougar spirit


The Cast of the “Little Shop of Horrors” performed the Musicals opening number “Prologue (Little Shop of Horrors)”. With the guidance of Deborah Firestein and voice coaching of Ms. Horsley the musical will be presented in the gym in March. Keep an eye out for more information and purchase their Valentine’s Day Singing Telegram in Ms. Horsley’s Classroom for your loved one and to support the Drama Club.


Colby Abuhoff
The cast of the “Little Shop of Horrors” gives a scary good performance.


When students and staff cheer on their fellow cougars in unison it is a beautiful expression of school spirit as expressed by Freshman Willow Sherman, “I believe that school spirit from everyone in that gym increased the pep rally by bringing everyone, and their high energy together to have a great time.”


Sally Brown and Kaci McKean
Somerset students share their school pride!

Somerset is a relatively new school who is still trying to find its spirit, however, students like Desiaya Wheeler, the Historian for the Sophomore class, hopes that “we can grow as a school and that there’s more excitement to come in my future years at Somerset.”

Kaci McKean
This Pep Rally was fun, but the next one will be the BEST!