Students Signed to Universities for Basketball and Football


Colby Abuhoff

Cole Whipple and Benson Barnes preparing to sign off into their respective colleges and univeristies.

Sally Brown , Co-Editor In Chief

On February 2, 2022, Somerset students, Cole Whipple and Benson Barnes, were signed to universities to play their respective sports.


Cole Whipple, who has only been a Somerset a year, made waves in the Basketball program gaining the attention of the Illinois Institute of Technology. There, he will be a great asset to the team as he continues to positively represent our school.


Cole Whipple and Benson Barnes celebrate their impressive accomplishment with their families. (Colby Abuhoff )

By contrast, Benson Barnes has been at somerset since he was in sixth grade, making him one of the few graduating seniors to have been here since the beginning of their Middle and High School experience. In his freshman year, he joined the Varsity Football Team and has been working every day since. As a result of his efforts and achievements, Benson rose to the challenge of Quarterback. He has served as an inspiration and leader to his teammates. Barnes will be continuing his football career at St. Thomas University in Miami.


Following the signing, the football team came to congratuale Benson on his signing to St. Thomas University. (Colby Abuhoff )


Over the past few years, the athletic department has grown, becoming a coup de force. Last year, Somerset Academy Canyons had students signed to Northwestern and Harvard for Track and Field. More recently, Boys’ Soccer and Girls’ Basketball are breaking school records. Moving forward, the cougars will continue to claw their way to dominating the competition!