Students Win Award for Academic Achievement

Students Receive Top Scores in the Nation



Winners of the AICE Cambridge Scholars Award

Lexi D'Ugard, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, March 5, 2022, 37 students earned high marks on their AICE exams during the 2020-2021 school year, were recognized during a breakfast held that morning, where they were treated to various dishes and a ceremony, highlighting each of their successes.

Group of Seniors who received the award, many of which have their AICE Diploma (Sally Brown)

All of these students put tremendous effort into their tests and worked tirelessly to not only positively represent themselves, but our school as a whole. To receive the Cambridge Scholar Award, students needed to have earned a ā€œcā€ level or higher on three or more AICE exams last year. This breakfast provided acknowledgment of the hard work and dedication that these students have put into their academic careers and highlighted the exceptional work of our AICE students. This is the first time Somerset Academy Canyons conducted a breakfast as a way to congratulate their students for their high marks.

Mr. G congratulates students on receiving the awards (Sally Brown)

Special congratulations were given to Stephanie Maudsley for her extraordinary achievement of earning the highest score in the country on her AICE Psychology AS exam.

Stephanie Maudsley receives highest core in the nation for AICE Psychology AS (Sally Brown)

Similarly, Grace Rinier received special congratulations for her remarkable achievement of the highest score in the country on her AICE Sociology A exam.

Grace Renier receives award for the highest score in the nation for AICE Sociology A Level