Juniors vs. SAT

Juniors vs. SAT

Kiara Felix, Staff Writer

On March 1, 2023, only a selected few were allowed in the high school of Somerset Academy Canyons. Ninth, tenth, and most twelfth grade students were allowed to do their schoolwork in the comfort of their own homes. However, all juniors and a few seniors were given the opportunity to take the Scholastic Aptitude Test, otherwise known as the SATs, for free that day. For many juniors, this was their first time taking the test and many of them did come to campus that day.  

The SAT is meant to test students’ knowledge in regard to math, reading, writing, and their college readiness. When it comes to being prepared for the SAT, juniors had different things to say. Some juniors felt they were not prepared and believe that teachers failed when it came to preparing them. “I had to prepare on my own,” said junior Jacob Chalmers. 

While other students felt they were well prepared and were satisfied with the knowledge they’ve collected over the years and did extra work to prepare themselves. “I practiced the SAT online, and a couple seniors gave me their textbooks from last year,” said 11th grader Javan Campbell.

For SAT test day it is always advised that students get a good night sleep and a good nutritional breakfast. 

“I made sure to go to sleep early and get my full eight hours,” said Junior Kiem Benjamin.  Some students took the extra measure of sleeping and eating well. However, some juniors did not come in time for breakfast or have time to eat breakfast at home. “I came to school starving,” said Chalmers. 

When it comes to their performance on the test, there were juniors who felt they performed well in the SAT and were able to answer every question. “I think I did pretty well, I answered every question,” said Campbell. However, some juniors felt they were not prepared and did poorly. “I did not get the score I wanted,” said Chalmers. 

There are juniors who are satisfied with their scores and don’t feel they need to take the test again. “I’m not taking the SAT again. I’m taking the ACT but not the SAT,” said Benjamin. There are also juniors who are planning to take the SAT again and have accumulated a plan to study for it. “I’ll study more and see what I can do better on the lower parts I got,” said Campbell.

Students can view their SAT score and sign up to take the SAT’s at www.collegeboard.org.

Students can sign up for the SAT’s at www.act.org

 Upcoming ACT No Dates: June 10th, July 15th.

Upcoming SAT Dates: May 6th, June 3rd.