Where are the High School Vending Machines?

Where are the High School Vending Machines?

Tyler Thomas

Many high school students get hungry throughout the day and depend on schools to provide them with food. While all schools have hot lunches, some kids crave smaller snacks throughout the day. This is why vending machines come in handy. According to Dominick, a 11th grader here at Somerset, “Some days I wish I could get a snack to hold me off until lunch.” 

While the middle school cafeteria has three vending machines full of snacks and drinks, the high school has two empty vending machines that are unused. Why the school cannot supply the vending machines in the high school cafeteria with snacks like they do with the middle school is unknown. According to a study done by Harvard, “Snacks help boost your energy…” and “provide extra nutrients…”

 If we had the option to purchase snacks throughout the day I believe that it would provide a much needed boost of energy for students as they go throughout their day. According to Kyra, a 11th grader at Somerset, “By the time I get to my last period I am already tired, and want to lie my head down.” Many students have this same issue throughout the day of getting tired. I believe that if students had the option of a vending machine then they would purchase snacks to eat throughout the day to stay active. 

Next, vending machines would also benefit the school by providing profits. Many schools use their vending machines to bring in some extra money to put into programs and supplies. I think if Somerset added these vending machines to high school they would make more money than the middle schools ones. This is due to the fact that the high schoolers are older and many have jobs allowing them to bring their own money to use on the machines. On top of that, highschoolers also have cards and will be able to pay with them instead of cash.

Overall, I believe that vending machines would only benefit the students and school. Not only will the students be more productive and energized throughout the day, but it will also generate the school more money. So, adding vending machines will help everyone be better here at Somerset.