Do Uniforms Make A Difference?

Do Uniforms Make A Difference?

Mariamne Sanchez

The debate about uniforms in schools has been around for a while. Charter schools in Florida, such as Somerset Academy Canyons, use uniforms. Public high schools like Park Vista Community High School or Santaluces Community High School allow students to wear clothes of their choice. Many wonders if uniforms in high schools even matter.

Uniforms with school branding can be expensive. Charter schools that require uniforms sell them through a specified retailer that will stitch on the school’s emblem. Each piece of clothing, including pants, shirts, P.E. shorts, and anything extra, costs over 40 dollars. This makes shopping for uniforms extremely pricey, especially if multiple house members attend the same school. If the school did not require uniforms, students would be able to wear the clothes they already own instead of buying new ones. 

Many can agree that school uniforms tend to be uncomfortable. The long pants provided are usually tight and low-waisted, but they have large bottoms that overlap onto the shoes. The sleeves on the collared shirts are often tight on the arms. Students are usually more comfortable in the clothing that they choose to own. Personal clothes also allow each student to express themselves and their personality. Therefore, the use of personal clothing at school could boost the mood of the students learning.

There are some benefits to wearing uniforms at school. “It takes me around 30 minutes to pick out an outfit for school the night before,” said Sezen, a freshman attending Park Vista Community High School. Students who wear uniforms won’t have to worry about what outfit will make them look best for school the following day because the outfit is already picked out for them. This saves time and stress that would be spent on choosing the proper attire for the day. “Honestly, I feel like I can personalize my uniform enough with accessories like necklaces and bracelets,” said Claire, a freshman at Somerset Academy Canyons. While uniforms do not give students full access to their creativity, there are still some ways to work around it. This way, students can feel unique while still following the school’s dress code rules. 

Uniforms also impact bullying, a constant issue in schools worldwide. Teenagers are often picked on for not having trendy, high-quality clothes. This type of bullying tends to make students feel ashamed and embarrassed. Uniforms allow equality among students. No one can feel left out over clothing if everyone looks the same. 

There are both positives and negatives to uniforms. Students may work towards change within their school dress code to fit their interests. However, the widespread impact of uniforms must be considered. Even though uniforms are often frowned upon, it is important to appreciate their effect on other students.