Celebrating School Choice


Kiara Felix

Somerset Academy Canyons administration has created a series of events for their students to participate in to celebrate National School Choice Week. From January 23rd to the 27th, students will be able to celebrate the freedom granted over the years regarding school choice.


    Across the nation, due to School Choice, parents can choose how they want to educate their K-12 children. They can choose between traditional public schools, charter schools, homeschooling, and private schools. With this access for parents, students can also have an influence. They can express to their parents what learning system they feel works best for them, and with parents’ approval, students can go to schools that they would not have been able to attend without School Choice. Somerset Academy Canyons is one of many schools across the country celebrating this privilege.


      School choice allows for all students to have more opportunities to be great. Students don’t have to go to the school that they are zoned for. “I wanted to come here because I’m zoned for Boynton, and I didn’t want to go to Boynton.” says 10th grader Rodrigo Oliveira.  They can go to schools they feel accommodate them best and schools with the best opportunities for them. Education choice also allows for a more even distribution of students in the school system; less crowded schools allow for better school safety. Less crowded schools allow for better school safety and learning. School choice has also proven to give positive outcomes academically. School choice leads to more parent and student satisfaction, as both parties can decide on receiving education.


       Somerset is a choice school and is diverse. The school’s students attend it for many different reasons, as many different academic and athletic opportunities can be sought. “A Lot of student-athletes are coming to Somerset not only just for sports but for academics as well. The sports aspect, what’s intriguing to them is the growth that our athletic department has been having.” says head football coach Alex Gonzalez. Somerset allows students to pursue the AICE Diploma, which gives qualifying students four free years of college. “I’ve gotten my AICE Diploma and my associate’s degree.” says 12th grade SGA President Natalia Lopez.  There are also clubs students can join.


     On Monday, students can send a video of them doing the National School Choice week dance to Ms. Tokan, receiving a “small token of appreciation.” On Tuesday, students can create a TikTok explaining why they love Somerset for a treat. Students can wear yellow with jeans on Wednesday, and there will be a door decorating contest. On Thursday, students can thank their parents for choosing Somerset, and their teachers. They can write a poem or letter and are allowed to be creative. On Friday, students can show their love for Somerset by wearing the school’s gear with jeans. There will also be a pep rally to celebrate the school’s winter sports teams. 

  *Jeans worn on Wednesday and Friday must have no rips, holes or tears!