Somerset Canyons Takes a Tour Around Florida Colleges


Mariamne Sanchez

The students of Somerset Academy Canyons took their first stop out of six at the University of North Florida. The staff and participants met at the school on Feb 15, 2023 at five in the morning to leave on charter buses. Many students believe the trip was enjoyable and very educational.

There were numerous campuses that were explored during the trip that had a variety of different students. Some students excel and reach for top universities while others tend to struggle throughout their education and may need extra guidance. 


SAC students stand outside a building on the Florida A&M University campus.

Coach Jenco was a teacher who attended this year’s college tour. “Probably UNF [University of North Florida] because they have a smaller class size, and usually if you’re not doing very well with grades in high school you’re gonna need a lot more one-on-one time with professors,” said Coach Jenco. He advises that more available individual time with instructors can help students who struggle with learning. It’s important to put in the effort and ask questions if needed. It’s not easy to change the way you learn, but learning with your style can help improve your knowledge. 

“A lot of us have a kind of high expectation of, you know where we see people get into and what schools we want to go to, but it is important to see the other schools so we understand and have a better ability to make the decisions that we need to when we’re going back to decide when we don’t get into the school that we wanted,” said Jenco. Nobody is perfect. While having a dream school to reach for is a great goal, keeping an open mind and observing other schools can be your safety net.

The students who went to the college tour made sure to pay attention to every detail. The way students spent their time outside of class, the way they took notes inside the classroom, and their lifestyles to just name a few. “I learned different aspects of each college and their general idea of how the campus worked out and some of the inside college life,” said Benjamin York, 10th-grader. 

Education is a big part of your college decision, but the way you will live while attending college should be considered as well. “I learned the daily life and struggles of college students. It also allowed me to interact with current students, coaches, professors, and admission officers. Speaking with students allowed me to get a student’s perspective and honest feedback about the school and to get a better sense of the day-to-day life,” said 11th grader, Arielle Julmice. The most truthful opinions will come from the people who already attend the school daily and know its ups and downs. So, when attending the college tours be aware of everything, and don’t be afraid to talk to the people around you. It’s always better to discover new information than to keep quiet and not know. 

Clearly, the annual college visits are a significant event for all high school students. There are many benefits that come with participating in it. It’s a great opportunity to learn about each individual university and be able to see the teaching style of each one. There are beautiful campuses with gorgeous sights, such as the University of Florida. Consider going to visit the universities as it can help influence your college choice.