Red Ribbon Spirit Week: Unity Against Drug Abuse


Students unite to call awareness to drug use

Madison Barrass, Grammar Editor

Red Ribbon Spirit Week was held between October 25 and the 29th with the feeling of unity against illicit drug use on campus. 


While the theme of Red Ribbon Week may change each year, its purpose does not. The Red Ribbon Campaign stands against drug use by ensuring that children are safe and healthy. Donations towards this organization go towards helping those in need of rehabilitation and therefore the children that they have a connection with. 


After returning to some level of normalcy after this life-altering pandemic, many have found themselves struggling to return to reality and having a difficult time readjusting. 


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 13% of Americans, due to the stress of the pandemic and the isolation that has resulted from it, have started or increased substance intake as of June 2020. 


Even before the pandemic, Palm Beach County struggled with drug dependency. The Health Care District of Palm Beach County has claimed that this local area has become the “epicenter” of opioid usage. Lakeview Health takes a broader view of this occurrence, stating that 70% of overdose deaths in Florida have involved opioids. 


There is no time like the present to be more aware and mindful of those, especially in the local area, who have struggled with substance abuse. Understanding the lasting impact, the pandemic has had on the community will spread awareness of the dilemma. Red Ribbon Week will continue to encourage children to steer clear of drugs to promise themselves a safe and bright tomorrow.