Somerset Administration Puts an End to Cellphone Haven, Otherwise Known as the Restroom


Kiara Felix

Somerset Academy Canyons Administration has implemented a new policy when it comes to the use of cellphones in the restroom. The policy bans students from bringing their phones in the restroom. Before students enter the restrooms on campus, they must put their phones in a bin outside the restroom, and retrieve it afterwards. There are security guards who stand outside the restrooms to make sure students follow the new policy. 

The Why

The policy was implemented for a variety of reasons, but all in one, the school’s administration does not want students using cellphones in the restroom. “It was implemented for one, because students should not have their phones during class time,” said school security, Mr. Chestnut. He further goes on to explain that students using their phones in the restroom is them breaking the rule of no cellphones during class. Also, there have been instances of inappropriate uses of cellphones in the restrooms. “Inappropriate pictures and videos are being taken in the bathroom, also students are taking too long in the bathroom,” said Dean of Discipline, Mrs.Farias.

Is the policy working?

According to administration the policy has been effective when it comes to stopping the use of cellphones in the restroom. “It’s making an impact, we do have less students hanging out in the bathroom for extended periods of time. This entails less traffic in the hallways, which is what the goal is, keeping students in class,” said Mr.Chestnut. 

What Do the Students Think?

When it comes to the reasons the policy was placed, students’ explanations are similar to those of administration. “To keep kids off their phones during class,” said 11th grader, Isaiah Hill.  There are some students who believe that the policy was put in place solely because of one incident that took place. “I heard there was a video going around, someone was doing stupid stuff [In the bathroom],” said 10th grader, Marco Saberson. Though students and administration have similar thoughts when it comes to the reason for the policy, there is a clash when it comes to thoughts on the ban. Administration feels the ban is effective and feels good about the policy, while some students do not have such a positive outlook on the policy. “I don’t think it’s necessary to put our phones away,” said 11th grade student, Andrea Ortega. Others see the requirement to put their phones in bins as a safety concern. “I think it’s dumb because if my phone gets broken or stolen, the school will have to pay for a new one,” said 10th grade student, Suejeanna Prophet. As a safety precaution there are security guards who stand outside to oversee the bins.

The restroom phone policy stayed in place for about two weeks now, and will continue as administration has seen promising results. Somerset Academy students are adhering to the policy and are showing little to no resistance.

“ I think students are too attached to their cellphones, people in general are too attached to their cellphones,” said Farias.