Is There a Parking Problem at Somerset?


Tyler Thomas

At Somerset Canyons, most students drive or get dropped off, and sometimes getting through the parking lot can take forever. Somedays, the lines feel like they are not moving. “For the $150 price tag the parking should be better,” stated Neeko, an 11th grader at Somerset. Many of the students are also not happy with the high cost of getting a parking decal. Not only are the stickers $150 dollars for one year, but they do not guarantee a spot at the school, but instead the church nearby; compared to other schools such as Dwyer, which is three times less expensive than Somerset, and the parking is smoother and more organized.

However, is this problem even fixable? Well, there’s no easy way of resolving this issue, but a potential solution is separating student parking from the parent pick-up line. Often when trying to back out or pull out of a church parking spot, student drivers get stuck in the parent pick-up line, unable to get out, forcing them to wait over twenty minutes to get on the main road. They then have to wait longer on Boynton because of the light at the Lions’ intersection. Another solution to the parking issue is lowering the cost of parking by $50 dollars, something that students still consider very high.

As these problems continue to present themselves to those who are not student drivers, there has nonetheless been no real change to fix or resolve this issue. For the high price of $150 dollars, the students should receive a much better overall experience or a lower parking price to a more reasonable number.