The Border Between Dreams and Reality

The Crisis at the Border and the influx of Haitian Immigration

Kiara Felix, Staff Writer

There has been an ongoing crisis at the U.S and Mexico border. There have been thousands of immigrants coming to the Border in hopes of passing successfully. The situation can be considered political, but it is also personal. This story is about real people walking a trail that takes a month or longer, with little to no, food, water, or shelter to come to the United States. The border in Mexico shared by the U.S is 1,933 miles long. Much of the Border is not fenced. Border patrols are assigned the treacherous job of controlling the wave of immigration at the Border. This struggle to manage the influx of individuals must be discussed to get a full image of the crisis.


More than 12,000 Haitian migrants under the Del Rio bridge in Texas are waiting to cross the Border. Pictures and videos of the U.S border patrol using whips to tame the group of people caused public outrage. Depending on where the migrants are coming from they take a long dangerous trail walking thousands of miles to Mexico. 


Haiti and its residents have suffered political, social, and environmental disruption over the last few years. Under the administration of President Jovenel Moise, the country experienced a spike up in gang violence. Especially in the capital, which is the center of terror and fear. On July 7th, the president of Haiti was assassinated. The hunt for the assassin is still ongoing. More recently, the prime minister of Haiti was a suspect in the killing. Haitians do not know who to trust when it comes to their government. On August 14th, 2021, a 7.2 earthquake struck the city of Les Cayes. Many Haitians were left without jobs, and with little for their family. They constantly struggle to survive, forcing many Haitian citizens to search for resources elsewhere. This national instability has pushed many, like Berton Brun, to seek asylum elsewhere. 


Berton Brun is a 26-year-old immigrant from Haiti. Though, he knew that he could not build a substantial life in Haiti. At twenty-two, he moved to Chile. There, he planned on working and creating a better life. He planned on living and working there long enough to receive citizenship. However, the political and economic situation in Chile was not as stable as he once assumed. He then heard of people crossing the U.S.-Mexico border successfully and believed he too could seek the “American dream.”


In mid-august, he started the trail to Mexico. He describes seeing and experiencing things he will never forget. Walking the path with him was a mother with her five-year-old daughter. The little girl had tripped and fell, hitting her head on a rock. The injury was severe, but she and her mother continued on the trail for some time. Until the mother decided to leave her daughter, knowing she would not survive. Berton says that memory will forever be engraved in his mind. He also had to witness people die while on the trail. He describes the experience of drinking water out of rivers that were filled with bodies of those who died.`


When he had reached Mexico, everyone who walked with him went their separate ways. He would find another person who had taken the trail. Brun stayed in Mexico for a few days planning his strategy to cross. He decided to move closer to the U.S. border. On September 19th, 2021, he rented a hotel room with another friend. The next morning they woke up to police knocking at the door. He was being deported. His half-brother, Boaze, was saddened to hear the news, they had been in constant contact throughout Berton’s journey. Boaze said in an interview, “the hotel should not have taken his money if they just knew they were going to call for deportation.” He explained the expense of the journey. Benton had to make sure to send money to hold for him in Chile before he took the trail, knowing he would need it in the future, as he heard from others who had taken the trail before him. Money was stolen from the immigrants on the trail from burglars. Along the trail, immigrants consistently have to pay for essentials like shelter and food.


Berton was sent to the Mexican capital and was not sent back to Haiti, unlike many other migrants. When asked why he was not sent back, he described how he did not want to disclose that information. Today as of August 27th, Berton is in Tapachula, Mexico in hiding. He does not know what the following days or weeks may bring. He does not know when or if he’ll be sent back to Haiti. He says nothing is waiting for him there, and he can’t go back to Chile as he has yet to earn Chilean citizenship. Berton says that even if sent back to Haiti one day, he will eventually touch American soil.


The situation at the border is not just a political issue. The situation poses serious ethical questions. It causes people to ask themselves questions. Is it fair that many of us, living in America, shut the door to those trying to come after us? Is it fair that border agents have to be at the front line and deal with the worst of this? There will never be a definite and absolute solution to this issue. Not everyone will end up happy. What is happening in other countries, such as Haiti, is causing the people to flee. Also, conversations on whether or not the security at the border currently is enough.


The men and women who climbed mountains went through eleven countries. Women took the trail and had a baby under a bridge without a midwife or a doctor. These stories are remarkable even with the circumstances behind them. 


The toll on border patrol agents needs to be talked about. They are constantly having to control large numbers of people. Border Control does so with few resources. Some have resorted to using their own money to buy diapers for the children, and other supplies to help the migrants. Those taking the trail or protecting the Border are all doing it for one ultimate goal, a dream. There is security at the border to protect America from foreign threats. The dream here is for America to be as safe as possible. Many people taking the trail are trying to achieve the “American dream.” When fighting for safety and security there will always be conflict and sometimes pain. Everyone should learn from this that dreams still exist and people still fight with all they have for them. Some people were able to cross the border, and achieve their dreams, nonetheless. This may go down as a story on politics, but it should go down on a story of people, and their dreams.