Left Brain, Right Brain: Ms. Resillez and Mrs. Bock


Christina Salsberry, Editor

As an English teacher and a science teacher, Ms. Resillez and Mrs. Bock teach their students very different topics. Recently, I interviewed the two of them in order to see how their responses to the same questions might differ.

Question 1: What made you decide to become a teacher?

Bock: “I had lots of wonderful English teachers in high school, and I really wanted to spread the love of literature.”

Resillez: “My sorority. Being Vice President of New Member Education for the chapter made me realize my love for making boring topics into entertaining, memorable lessons. One time, I dressed up as a founding father in order to teach a topic, and another time I dressed up like a dove and had feathers sticking out of my hair.”

Question 2: When you’re faced with a problem, what do you do to solve it?

Bock: “I try to be rational about it and decide if I’m already equipped with the tools or the skills to solve it. I try to find the best solution for everyone involved.”

Resillez: “I think about the situation, think about different ways to approach it, think about what the possible outcomes could be, and use that information to then choose an approach to tackle the problem. I also make sure to communicate with others, as communication is very important.”

Question 3: What is your favorite animal, and why?

Bock: “I like the white Siberian tiger because it’s pretty.”

Resillez: “Tursiops truncates (the common bottlenose dolphin), because working with them for a couple of years and learning about them showed me how brilliant they are, and every time I see them it gives me a bittersweet feeling. They remind me that no dream is too big to attain. Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve dreamed of working with dolphins, and I was able to fulfill that dream.”

Question 4: What is your life motto?

Bock: “I would say my life motto is ‘try to love everyone, regardless of whether they agree with you.’”

Resillez: “I don’t have any one motto in particular. If I had to pick something, I’d say anything involving personal growth (making yourself a better person, continuously learning), spreading kindness, and to keep on dreaming.”

Question 5: What are some hobbies or activities you do outside of school?

Bock: “I am known to participate in [a] community choir. I also read for pleasure when I have the chance – usually Young Adult literature. I also like to hang out with my family and my husband.”

Resillez: “Boating, fishing, camping, wakeboarding, traveling, and going to the gym.”