Somerset Academy VS. Spanish River

Somerset Academy VS. Spanish River

Arianna Cato

Somerset Academy softball girls went head-to-head against Spanish River last Wednesday in the late afternoon. This was Somerset’s 8th game of the softball season with four wins and three losses, and in their minds the stakes were high. Spanish River Softball team had a total of eight wins and only a single loss.

Game Results

The game was cut short due to lightning and it ended at the top of the sixth inning with Spanish River in the lead so they automatically won with the final score being 1-5. However, Somerset girls still put up a fight and walked away with pride for their team. The head coach of the team, Lauren Farias commented, “We started a little rough but we picked up and I felt everyone’s presence… great effort throughout the whole team.” Lauren’s opinion is shared amongst the team with player Robin Bruno commenting, “We put up a fight definitely more into the game.” The Softball Cougars put up a fight and made some great plays in this game and even despite their loss are still proud of themselves as a team.

Game thoughts

In regards to the overall progress of the team throughout the season the Somerset Academy Softball team has improved tremendously. Their efforts in practice have definitely shown in game and there have been real and great improvements. Player “24” had a heartfelt expansion commenting,  “I think everyone has gotten so like, shockingly amazing, like actually. Everyone has been doing so good it just takes my breath away with how beautiful our team has progressed with different skills and assets.” As a team the Softballers have been growing and learning so much since the start of this season. Spanish River’s softball team was extremely respectful and showed profound sportsmanship during this game even after they won. “I liked how they cheered each other and they had a lot of good sportsmanship and were very respectful.” Spanish River performed just as well as Somerset and definitely put up a fair fight. Despite the loss, the Somerset girls left the game with pride in themselves and respect for Spanish River.