Four Players Playing in the Palm Beach County Football All Star Game


Hudson Wharton

The Palm Beach County Football All Star Game is a prestigious honor and only one in a group of players are selected. We have had the privilege to send at least one of our players there the last four years, this year being the most, at four players. The head coach of the Football Team, Coach Gonzalez, was selected to be one of the coaches for the game as well. 

The purpose of this event is not only to pay respect to the elite players in the county but to get players more film for the very intensive process of getting recruited to play college football. The players that earned that honor here at Somerset Canyons are: Quarterback, Quincy Rowe, Linebacker, Trajan Johnson, Offensive Lineman, Ty Robbins, and Cornerback, Nickerson LaJeune. All four players had amazing seasons, leading their team to a 5-5 record, the best in school history. Ty Robbins led his Offensive Line this year having 45 pancakes and letting up zero sacks. Quincy Rowe averaged 37.5 yards a game rushing, threw for 22 touchdowns and ran 5. Trajan Johnson had a total of 71 tackles and averaged 7.1 per game, causing 3 fumbles, and recovering one of them. Nickerson LaJeune had a total of 18 tackles and averaged 2.3 tackles a game throughout 8 games. 

It is not easy to be selected for the Palm Beach County All Star Game, considering they are competing with every team in the county for a spot on the two teams, and it’s quite the process. Coach Gonzalez goes into more detail, “Each team gets to select 5 players from their team, after that everyone votes and you have to sell your players to the other coaches.” 

Once your player gets selected by their coach, they then tell their players, and have them prepare for the game. Quarterback Quincy Rowe states, “I think this game will definitely help me with the recruiting process and definitely get my name out there more.” 

This game is definitely beneficial to all players from this county in their efforts to play college football. After this process has taken place, two weeks before the game, the All Star committee holds a luncheon for the players to attend, sitting with players and coaches from the other teams and talking about the players achievements. And then one week before the game the players begin to practice with their respective teams. Holding practice after school every day up until the game. Finally, the game is this Saturday, December 15th at The King’s Academy at 6PM. The game will consist of 4, 15 minute quarters.