The unofficial end to fall sports and “botherhood”


Aryana Ungleich, Staff Writer

             Fall sports teams took their team pictures on November 19. Many student athletes had different opinions about taking these pictures. Fall sports ended about two months ago, and winter sports have already started. Being on a sports team often makes you very close with your teammates. This is because in order to be a good team and win games, you need to have a certain bond with the people you are on the team with.

 I“I have not really talked to most of my teammates since the volleyball season ended, but I think it would be cool to catch up and see them” said Julia Lishboa.  Lishboa was on the girls freshman volleyball team this past fall season. They did not have many games, but she still got close with her teammates. She mentioned that she took a lot of pictures with her team, but that they never got a good photo of all of them together. The team pictures are a good opportunity to give the players something to keep in memory of their team. They also show people the bond that sports create. 

That is a major part of taking these pictures. Seeing sports teams taking their pictures happily and being together can make people want that same feeling. Fall photos are a good way to not only promote these sports teams, but also encourage others to play a team sport. “I got so close with my teammates in such a short amount of time because we had to in order to be great.”  said Isaiah Hill, a student athlete who transferred to the school this year to play on the varsity football team. “If you are on a sports team and you hate your teammates, the team will not succeed.” Isaiah also spoke of  how he saw his team as more of a “brotherhood”. He said that he enjoyed taking team photos because they all made jokes and got to hang out in the process. 

Team pictures not only are enjoyable for the team themselves, but can also encourage students who see them to join a sports team too.