Somerset Canyons Makes New Addition to Weight Room


Hudson Wharton

Somerset Academy Canyons has recently made a new purchase and upgrade to one of our athletic facilities. The facility in question would be the weight room that is used by all athletic teams and weightlifting class. The change includes the addition of five new combo racks and additional weight. A combo rack has the capability to include many different exercise routines, the main ones for this being the squat rack and bench press. 

Each new combo rack now holds 600 pounds. In addition to the new racks, the addition of this weight will ensure that each team using the new weight room will ensure that there will be enough weight no matter how many people are using it at a time. 

Head football coach and weightlifting coach, Coach Alexander Gonzalez, believes that this upgrade will be highly beneficial for both his team and class and the rest of the athletic department. Coach Gonzalez had this to say about the new weight room, “This new addition will help our athletic department out a lot to get to where we wanna be and reach our goals with each team here at Somerset.” Having this new weight room equipment will definitely help with the growth of every athlete at Somerset.