The Season So Far…


Annmarie Ogg

The Somerset Academy Canyons basketball team played their season opener against Village Academy on Monday, November 28, 2022. With a score of 121–15, the Cougars triumphed, giving their season a strong start.

The Somerset Canyons basketball team has had a successful season thus far. They have currently won 13 games and lost 4. “This year’s basketball season has been very good, just as we thought it was going to be. Coming in with some new guys, everyone came in to work together and come in for the win” stated Head Basketball Coach Zachary Benach. 

     So far the Somerset basketball team has improved greatly since last year. Last season they ended with 12-12, and they are currently at 13-4. “The team’s greatest improvement I must say has got to be, the fact that no matter what they always stay together. No matter what happens, no matter what the solution is, whether we win by 20 or happen to lose by 20. They always have each other’s backs and always keep their heads up high” stated Head Basketball Coach Zachary Benach. 

     One of the basketball players shared the same views on the subject as his coach. “The team’s greatest improvement was definitely team chemistry, because last year we didn’t have that much team chemistry on and off the court. I think this year we really improved the team chemistry” stated Sophomore Louis Stoitchkov, a point guard and shooting guard for the basketball team. The coaches play a significant role in a sports team’s success. We must appreciate the Somerset Academy Canyons basketball team’s coaches for guiding them to their successes so far because the players’ mentors and teachers have a big influence on how they play. Coach Zachary, Dillon, and Jeff all deserve recognition and thanks for the successful basketball season so far this year.

     “The biggest achievement that they have so far in this regular season has to be the fact of having the 9 game winning streak, trying to keep that alive throughout the whole time.” stated Coach Zachary. On their Instagram page, the team has a video from the game against Santaluces where they were celebrating their 9-game winning streak. The fact that every player on the team has the same mentality has contributed to their outstanding season thus far. The team as a whole wants to succeed, but more importantly, since the majority of the players are seniors, they want to enjoy their final season of high school basketball. “So far I feel like we are doing great this season, nobody in Palm Beach County can really mess with us” stated Senior Tyler Benjamin, small forward for the basketball team. The team has about 5 games left in the regular season. Let’s see where the rest of the season takes them.