Students Balancing Work Life

Luke Granger, Staff Writer

  In today’s fast- paced world, students have to use their time management skills in order to balance their athletic, academics, and outside of school commitments. Somerset students are challenged daily by academics and athletics. This is not easy, but many students are able to stay on top of it all and are able to succeed in life. Time management is the key to having a balanced life. Somerset students work hard to set their priorities and thrive in their environments.

Senior student- athlete who plays varsity football and competes in weightlifting, Michael Drillich, who also works at a restaurant explained to me how he balances his life with so many things to do. “I have to set my priorities everyday by figuring out what my schedule looks like for the day. Then I assess how much time I’ll have for school work before or after practice.” “I also like to make as much money as I can so I try to get my work done quickly so I can work over the weekends.” 

It’s not all about the balance. It can be very stressful trying to balance a heavy course load along with sports and a job. You also have to give yourself time to enjoy yourself and spend time with family and friends. Our Somerset students emphasize the value of self care. And not totally overworking themselves. Taking care of your mental health is the most important thing to balancing your life.

I asked Shane Mager what he does to manage school and work. He stated “School takes priority over work.” Sometimes if I’m stressed over school work or a sporting event I may have to talk it over with my boss.” For many Somerset students, school takes priority over sports.

In conclusion, our Somerset students face challenges daily and work hard to balance their lives. But with effective time management, and supportive people around them, they are driven to succeed in all areas of their lives.