School Food Tier List

School Food Tier List

Margaret Moya

 All school food is still delicious regardless of the rankings.

When entering the cafeteria once lunch begins, it is clear to see that school food is popular; countless students are lined up, waiting to grab a tray of food and patiently stand in line, even though other students are constantly skipping the line. This is because no one can resist the delectable taste of a freshly heated stromboli. In addition to stromboli however, there are many other options to choose from. This tier list covers a few options that the author has personally tasted and rated. Keep in mind that all these options are scrumptious.

  1. Muffin Platter 

The muffin platter comes with a muffin (either chocolate or blueberry), a yogurt cup, and a cheese stick. This meal is actually well balanced, since you are given two sources of protein and a delicious muffin. This item would be higher, except I usually prefer a warm meal during lunch. The muffin, while tasty, also isn’t very nutritious. 

  1. Salad

The salad comes with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, shredded cheese, and cold chicken tenders on top. A nutritious meal, if you ask me. It is especially filling when paired with the buttermilk ranch dressing provided in the cafeteria. A great choice for when you do not like the available warm meals being served that day.

  1. Chicken Tenders

Chicken tenders is the meal you choose when you want to guarantee a filling, yummy meal at lunch. They are served most days and are a reliable source of protein. The slight spiciness is also a bonus.

  1. Burrito

It’s a basic bean burrito. That is all there is to say.

  1. Nachos

Nachos can never go wrong! Yummy ground beef served with shredded cheese and Tostitos chips. The meal is even more delicious when the cafeteria has hot sauce packets in stock. If you haven’t tried the nachos with the hot sauce, you are missing out. 

  1. Fajita 

The fajita is served on a tortilla and the fillings consist of chicken, cheese, and peppers. The peppers especially make this meal delicious since it adds a nice flavor contrast, and the chicken is tender and has a nice flavor to it. This food also makes great use of a hot sauce packet. One of my favorite meals to eat during lunch. 

  1. Stromboli

You are probably wondering why stromboli isn’t number one. It would be if the next item didn’t exit. 

The stromboli is worthy of all the praise it gets. A delicious, oily pastry filled with pepperoni and some other kind of meat. It is truly the pinnacle of Italian pastries. Every time I take a bite of the stromboli my tastebuds are blessed with the strong flavors of this delectable treat. Whenever I hear stromboli is on the menu, I sprint to the lunchroom, heedless of the warnings the security guards throw at me, just so I can be the first in line to take a bite of this magnificent food. All thanks to the lunch ladies for serving this scrumptious meal. 

  1. That Really Good Barbeque-Style Chicken

As the title suggests, this entry is a piece of chicken slathered in some kind of sauce. I’m sure this meal has an official name, but I cannot remember it at the moment. What I can remember however is how delicious this chicken was. It was tender, slightly juicy, and pulled apart easily. The best part about this meal is that I can eat some protein without the greasiness of a stromboli. With this meal, I eat guilt-free and deliciously. Sorry vegetarians, but you are one hundred percent missing out on this chicken. Whenever I see this meal on the menu, I feel elated and wait impatiently for lunch to finally arrive. When it does, I enjoy this chicken with a cup of fresh fruit and milk and feel wonderful the rest of the day, grateful that our school provides such nutritious and delicious meals for their students. It truly shows how much the cafeteria staff cares about us students, and I want to say a big thank you to those who serve us food. 


That concludes this tier list. There are plenty of other delicious entries to try out, so check out the cafeteria daily to see what is being served.