The Corona-pocalypse

Cole Kasprzyk, Staff Writer

“Hey bro, what’s up!” Chad exclaimed to his friend from outside his front door. “What are you doing? Have you heard of social distancing?” Winston said inquisitively to his friend. “Yeah but come on man, you have got to live a little,” Chad replies. “Did you think that I would just open the door and let your nasty self into my nice, sanitized house?” Winston responds with a confused look on his face. “Yeah, I actually did expect you to kindly let me in,” Chad states in an annoyed manner. “Look at yourself, Chad. You’ve got no mask, you’re rubbing your crusty hands all over my doorknob, and you’re standing mere inches away from the front door right now! Why would you expect that I would just let you casually walk into my house?” Winston asked. “Come on dude! You cannot let the government tell you what to do. This is ‘the land of the free.’ my guy!” Chad remarked. “Look, I am all for rebelling against government decisions,” Winston said. “However, there is a global pandemic amid our society. It is common sense to just stay inside for a while and not risk your health.” Winston added. “I don’t know man, it may just be a government hoax,” Chad stated. “There are so many things wrong with that statement, but I honestly don’t have time for this. If you want to get infected by the virus, go to some other poor fellow’s house and give them COVID-19 from your inability to follow rules and listen to common sense!” Winston said as he slammed the door shut on his friend. “Wow, that guy is probably just upset that he was proven wrong that aliens exist. The Area 51 raid may have been unsuccessful but, UFOs were confirmed recently, and nobody said anything. Well, his loss. I’m going to go get myself a girlfriend.” Chad said to himself as he slowly walked away from Winston’s house.