Chadwick Aaron Boseman: A Multifaceted Hero


Chadwick Boseman was a phenomenal man who will be missed dearly. Taken from @chadwickboseman on Instagram.

Sasha Legagneur, Editor-in-Chief

The King of Wakanda, the first African American Supreme Court Justice, and a phenomenal baseball player- all characters that award winning actor Chadwick Boseman took on during his career. Born in Anderson, South Carolina, this inner city kid relentlessly pursued his goals with hard work and a passion for his craft. He attended Howard University, a historically black college in Washington D.C and received a BFA in Directing. The actor also studied at the British Drama Academy. He landed his first starring role in 2013 in the film 42, where he played Jackie Robinson, the man known for crossing the color barrier in Major League Baseball. Shortly after, the film Get on Up was released in 2014, with Boseman bringing the life of funk star James Brown to the big screen. In 2017, he took on the role of lawyer and civil rights advocate Thurgood Marshall in the film Marshall. In 2018, the role that would make Boseman a global phenomenon was brought to life in Black Panther. Boseman played the role of T’Challa, the leader of a fictional African nation known as Wakanda. Fans from all walks of life were soon saying “Wakanda Forever” after seeing the first Marvel film with an African American protagonist and a majority African American cast. While portraying these pillars in the African American community, Boseman became quite a figure himself. The confidence and resilience of these momentous black men were passed on to Chadwick Boseman as he told their stories. He was not only an inspiration for black boys and girls, but an educator on the courageous, strong individuals that exist in the African American community, himself being one of them.

Back in April, Boseman released an Instagram video that concerned his fans. Although the purpose of the video was to discuss a charity known as Operation 42, the focus was on the speaker himself. The actor’s major weight loss received a variety of reactions from viewers. While many were genuinely concerned about Boseman’s health, others mocked his appearance, making disgusting comments and memes about his physical change. After seeing the photo,  many believed that Boseman’s appearance was a result of a weight loss plan he had to follow in order to prepare for a role. Others argued that he had always been thin and only buffed up for professional purposes. Unfortunately, neither of these explanations were accurate. 

On August 28,2020, it was announced that Chadwick Aaron Boseman passed away with his loved ones by his side in Los Angeles, California. Perhaps the most shocking aspect of this announcement was the cause of death. On the day of his passing, the public learned that Boseman had been battling colon cancer for the past four years. All those roles we saw him take on, all those hours spent getting ready for auditions and practicing for his performances, were endured with stamina and a mindset to never give up. Even while going through numerous surgeries and chemotherapy, Boseman persevered until the very end. While battling his own cancer, Boseman visited children at a St.Jude’s hospital back in 2018. He brought both toys and support to these beautiful kids. “ He was a gentle soul and a brilliant artist, who will stay with us for eternity through his iconic performances over his short yet illustrious career”, household actor Denzel Washington said about the man many believed would follow in his footsteps.“ God bless Chadwick Boseman.”. 


Although not all heroes wear capes, it just so happens that this one did. Rest easy Chadwick Boseman, thanks for showing us we can be heroes too.