Why do People Enjoy Violence?


Rosalind Crockett, Staff Writer

Have you ever watched movies like “Child’s Play” or “Friday the 13th”? These movies depict certain types of violence that people may enjoy. But why do people enjoy these types of violence? There have been many theories as to why people enjoy this.


The tension and anticipation that violence creates is what might be causing people to be so drawn in. Another guess is that people actually enjoy action instead of violence. Violence provides a fantastic opportunity to reflect on the meaning of life. Violence, blood, and death have always attracted attention. “I think the reason as to why people enjoy them so much is because it gives them an adrenaline rush.” Says film studies major Sabrina Zax. When you watch a tense scene in a movie or television show, your brain and adrenal glands produce chemicals that can make you feel tense.


We appreciate the opportunity of reflecting on the human condition after seeing violence One theory suggests that when we see violence, we become excited, and that feeling lasts all the way until the end of the film, which makes it even more fulfilling.” I think people like the way violence makes them feel. It makes them feel excited in a way.” Says Jackson Raines. The “Forbidden fruit hypothesis” suggests that the appeal of violence is rooted in the fact that it is not allowed. Warning labels support this by raising interest in violent programs. 


We like watching violent movies for the same reason we like watching violent sports, since we are a somewhat aggressive, violent species, we need a way to express our internal violence. Society is violent nowadays, what we deem acceptable and unacceptable is made quite clear. No matter how graphic, most kinds of movie violence don’t have the same negative connotation as other types of material.

Overall, people seem to like watching violence in the media. Whether it’s in a TV show or a movie, people always seem to enjoy consuming what they see on television. People tend to be drawn into this because it excites them, they like anticipation, and it is a way to express their own internal violence and or anger. People just love what they see on tv.