What Juniors Need To Know Regarding Their Class Ring

Kiara Felix, Staff Writer

On Friday, November 4th, 2022 all Juniors were given a presentation in the gym regarding their class ring sales and their class ring ceremony which will be taking place in April of 2023. 

Photo by: Marianme Sanchez

What is a class ring/ Ring Ceremony?

A class ring is a ring worn by American students that allow commemoration of their years in high school, college, or university. A class ring lets students and alumni celebrate and remember school experiences. , “To have something you can hold onto forever  from high school.” 11th grader Annmarie Ogg says.  Annmarie plans to get a ring. Somerset Academy Canyons presents their high school students with the opportunity to get their class rings as juniors. During the ring ceremony, juniors who purchased the ring will be called up individually and given their rings. Their friends and family will be there cheering them on. The 11th graders also get to celebrate receiving their rings with their peers. This upcoming ring ceremony will be Somerset Academy’s second annual ring ceremony. Last year there wasn’t a huge turnout, however, the 2024 graduating class is the largest class in the school’s history and the ring ceremony is expected to have a lot of participants.


Who’s behind the ring? 

The company, Herff Jones, will be producing the junior class rings as they have been for the past two years. The company is of Greek origin and has been running since 1920. The company is also the producer of the school’s caps and gowns for graduation. Herff Jones’s mission is to promote “personal, school, and community pride.” Somerset Academy Canyons’ Herff Jones representative is Joe Griffin and associates. They were the ones who gave the presentation, and are available for communication if you have any specific questions regarding class rings.


The Investment Itself

When it comes to the pricing of the ring many students have different opinions. Some are eager to get the ring and feel that the prices are workable while others are a little more hesitant. Brianna Berry, a 12th grader, has a positive outlook on the class ring and feels the class ring ceremony isn’t just about the ring. “ It’s not the ring itself… The ceremony is what’s important. It shows that you’re becoming a senior and going on to higher education.” Berry has worn the ring every day since the day she got it; on the contrary, some students don’t see the ring being a part of their wardrobe if they were to make the purchase. “It’s too expensive and we’re only going to wear this for a year.” Says 11th grader Madison who does not plan on buying a ring. The pricing for the rings varies, as it all depends on the styles chosen and customizations. 


How To Make Your Purchase?

During the presentation, Somerset’s staff passed out flyers and catalogs that gave more information on the rings and even showcased some different styles and pricing. Though the Catalogs displayed some rings and information., 11th-grade students can find more information on class rings, and the full catalog, on Herff Jones’s website: HJPALMBEACH.COM. On the website, there is also a payment plan that is offered with Paypal. Juniors were able to make class ring orders during their lunches on November 11th, and 14th. Those who’ve missed that opportunity and who would like to purchase their rings for the ring ceremony can still place their orders on campus after  Thanksgiving Break, as Herff Jones representatives will be back taking orders on November 28th and 29th, during all three lunches. If students want the class ring for the class ring ceremony, the deadline to order is November 29th, All class rings require a deposit, and the amount varies for each kind of ring. (More information can be found on the flier)  If not purchased at school, or for the ring ceremony, the purchase dates for class rings are December 19th, January 16th, February 13th, and March 17th. Payments can be made online, over the phone, or by mail. Herff Jones accepts the following payment options: debit/credit card, cash, check, and money orders. Parents and students can also stop by Herff Jones’s local office if they have any questions and can even make their payment. 


Website: hjpalmbeach.com

Office Location: 1032 North Dixie Highway, Lake Worth, FL 33460

Email for inquiries: [email protected]

Phone: (561) 770-4200