SAC Football Players Hang Up Their Helmets For The Year


 On Friday November 4, 2022 the Somerset Canyons football team played their last game against the Forest Hill Falcons. The Cougars won the game 43 to 12, knocking the Falcons out of the playoffs, and bringing the season to a close with five wins and five losses. 

A Look Back At This Years Season

   The Somerset Cougars had a successful season, winning a total of 5 games. They started the season off by playing on the Glades Day High’s field, and winning the game 27-13. The Cougars finished their season off on a win at Forest Hill High’s field, scoring 43-12. “This season is one of the best finishes that we’ve had in the school’s history. I also thought we made a huge improvement from last year” stated the Cougars Head Football Coach Alex Gonzalez. 

   The Cougars have really improved over the years. In 2019, they ended the season 3-7, whereas in 2020 their season ended 3-2. The following season they went 4-5. “Our team’s greatest improvement overall, would have to be our offensive/defensive play. Mainly our offensive play, being able to go down and score, basically each possession. Overall the team morale and our leadership was a huge improvement from last year. As well as, all of our coaches too” stated Coach Alex Gonzalez. Some players had the same opinion, while others could argue that there were other improvements they found to be the greatest. “I feel like the team’s greatest improvement this season was that we had a full coaching staff, so we could work our individual positions without missing a day or reps. We actually got to work through our drills, work through our positions and be able to perform at our highest with one coach being there to train us” stated 11th grade football player, Jadon Goldman. A big part of having a good sports team is the coaches. The mentors and teachers of the players contribute greatly to how they play; therefore, along with the SAC football team, we must thank their trainers who led them to their victories. Coach Gonzalez, Jenco, Tinsely, Lee, Rowe, Pica, Boisrond, Harrington, and Narvaez, all deserve recognition and credit for this year’s football season.

Looking Forward

   While the Cougars had a successful season this season, they are looking forward to improving next season. “They’ve got to get bigger, faster, and stronger. I also think the experience that a lot of the young guys gained this year is going to see through for next year. We have some areas to improve on, those being the offensive line that we have to fill in, and the replacement of four seniors. We have to improve our tackling, decision making, and executions. Over all, it’s just us getting back in the game, getting in shape, and bigger, faster, and stronger for next season” stated Coach Alex Gonzalez. Due to the Cougars losing four offensive linemen, they need to gain a good connection with the new additions in order to thrive next season. Team trust is an immense aspect of any sports team. “The O-line and the chemistry, everybody needs to know each other, we got to get to know each other, we got to have good chemistry” stated 10th grade offensive lineman, Armani Barbancourt.  Enhancing themselves physically is the easiest part, but the team must learn how to communicate with each other, and how to trust one another on the field.


If you have any questions regarding the football season at Somerset Academy Canyons, you may contact one of the coaches. Contact information can be found on the Somerset Canyons website.