What Students Can Gain From Helping in the Community 


The Spanish Club and Spanish Honor Society stayed after the other students left for winter break so they could give back to all those people around the school that work so hard to keep us safe and healthy.

Madison Barrass, Grammar Editor

Many students wonder how they can help their communities during the holiday season, and it offers so much more than a few community service hours during breaks. Students have much to gain by giving back to the community. 


Many teenagers suffer from low self-worth or esteem. However, studies have shown that donating your time, especially during the holiday season, has psychological benefits. According to globein.com, “Dr. Ellen J. Langer, a professor of Psychology at Harvard University, says that giving gifts is psychologically beneficial for the gift giver…She adds that giving a gift is empowering and boosts your self-esteem.” In addition to this, giving your time or items to others can also help teenagers develop and mature. Poetswalk-springhills.com states, “Whether you choose to donate your time to a local soup kitchen or wrap Christmas presents for needy children, volunteering is a great avenue to personal discovery-no matter where in life you are.” According to the same source, “Giving back to your community this holiday season could stimulate feelings of euphoria and the release of endorphins, the same feelings someone gets while going to a gym to exercise.” Giving back to your area not only helps those who benefit from your donations and services, but also it helps you grow as a person.


Community service allows students to meet other people from all backgrounds and economic statuses, making you a more well-rounded and educated student. According to poetswalk-springhills.com, “Participating in volunteer programs that encourage teamwork among many different groups of people is a great way…to interact with the people around them.” Many students find it difficult to make time for others and community service hours, however, holiday break is a terrific time to give back to the community and learn more about the people in it. 

The JAM Club, with the help of the students from Mrs. Horsley’s classes, made gifts to be sent to children in the Bahamas who lost their homes during Hurricane Dorian.

Many places need extra help or donations, especially during the holidays. Toys for Tots began in 1947 by Major Bill Hendricks through the United States Marine Corps. Their goal was to provide Christmas presents to children whose parents could not afford to buy them. The Soup Kitchen in Boynton Beach is a great place to help locally as well. Many churches also host gift donations for underprivileged youth locally and globally. 


“Giving back to your community is very important to me. Giving your time helps you learn about the people in the community.” says Mallory Barrass, a ninth grader.