Peggy Adams Countdown 2 Zero Event

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Courtesy of

Riley Kasprzyk, Staff Writer

On Saturday, September 28th, the sixth annual Countdown 2 Zero Adoption Event was hosted courtesy of Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League of Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control. Over 20 local animal rescue organizations were participating.

“Together through C2Z, we are working to save the life of every single adoptable animal in our community.” (The CEO of Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, Richard Anderson).

Mrs. Horsley’s new service dog, Argos was one of the many dogs abandoned during Hurricane Dorian.

The event took place at the South Florida Fairgrounds from ten in the morning until four in the afternoon. There were over 1000 animals seeking out forever homes, including dogs, cats, and more. Many of these animals were recently rescued from the Bahamas after hurricane Dorian ravaged the islands.

Parking and admission were free for the event, and every animal was spayed or neutered before leaving, free of charge. In terms of adoption fees, they varied depending on the rescue organization.