National Signing Day Makes College Players Out of Two Cougars


Pilar Crossman

Devante Miguel (L) and Vanes Valiere (R) pose with family, coaches and teammates on National Signing Day.

Pilar Rolle-Crossman, Staff Writer

On National Signing Day, two students from the football team signed their contract to Culver Stockton College. Devante Miguel and Vanes Valiere were both interviewed on how they felt about their experience and future plans.

“How do you feel about this experience?”

Miguel: “I feel excited and honored.”

Valiere: “I’ve been playing football for 4 years , so I feel extremely accomplished.”

“Was Culver Stockton College your first choice school?”

Miguel: “Yes, it was.”

Valiere: “Yes, it definitely was.”

“What do you plan on majoring in in college?”

Miguel: “To be honest, I don’t know yet, but I am going to focus on my studies and make sure I excel for the future.”

Valiere: “I plan on majoring in business administration or entrepreneuring.”

“What is the most exciting part about all of this?”

Miguel: “Playing football is definitely the most exciting part.”

Valiere: “Going out and living on my own for the first time.”