Mr. Dunn’s Mesmerizing Music Department

American Spirit March - John Higgins

Grace Rinier, Author

Over the course of the past two years, Somerset’s music department has exceedingly developed and expanded with the direction of Mr. Dunn.

Mr. Dunn has worked to improve both the quality and quantity of what comes out of the program, whether it would be from band or chorus. As shown from recent events, such as the Spring Concert, a tremendous amount of work has been put in.

“Part of it is just day in and day out hard work,” stated Mr. Dunn.

When it comes to his students, we have seen much accomplished since he first stepped into his position.

“This past year we’ve had seven students go to solo and ensemble and get superior ratings. That was an expansion of the program this year,” said Mr. Dunn.

Despite the large improvements, some students believe that there is still room for more throughout the department.

“If we had more sponsors or more money coming in, then we could have busses to take us to the events,” stated 8th-grade player Kodi Barry.

In terms of improvements for the music department itself, Mr. Dunn stated, “There are things that we are going to add going down the road. I think that the best next thing for us to get involved with is a jazz band and the eventual adding of a high school chorus class.”

When it comes to his students, in particular, Mr. Dunn spoke very passionately about the lasting effects he wishes for this program to leave.

He stated, “I think the biggest take away of this program is that it’s okay to strive for perfection or excellence. Not only is it okay, it’s something you want. You want to get a burn about something in life. Hopefully, they’ll get that sense to have a drive and want to be tremendously good at something.”