The Music Department Brings in Spring with Music

Mr. Dunn, SAC Band and Chorus Director

Mr. Dunn, SAC Band and Chorus Director

Toby Ramirez, MS Staff Writer

On March 7th at 6 pm, our band and chorus were performing for anyone who wanted to enjoy a night of music.

Mr. Dunn, the band and chorus director, started off with a positive speech on how proud he is of all his students that he has been working with.

The band kicked it off with proud parents and impressed kids clapping away.

After each band level played – such as intermediate, beginner, etc. – the chorus took over the spotlight.

Toby Ramirez
12th Grade Chorus Student Tre Burrows

Tre Burrows is a 12th grade chorus student and is very passionate towards his interest in singing. “Mr. Dunn has helped me improve and control my voice and [be] considerate of others around me, and it helps me sing along with my fellow classmates,” said Burrows. He has been singing for two years, and only recently joined chorus.

Toby Ramirez
Devan Maida, a 9th Grade Chorus Student

The chorus students were receiving great feedback. A couple songs that they sang were “Ay mi Palomita” and “Just Believe”.
Devan Maida, a 9th grader, is also a student in chorus. Devan is usually the one getting everything together for concerts and helping the other students. “I make sure everyone gets everything right, and I love to help. I’d love to spread music and share it with others because not many people realize the joy of it,” Maida said.

The concert was a success, and they will be performing more in the future. If you are interested in attending, keep an eye out for updates on when and where they are going to perform next!