The Rewards of the Rhythm: Why Joining a Band is Beneficial


Band students take one more deep breath before they start the Winter Music Concert.

Christy Cohen, Staff Writer

Music is a form of art where people can express themselves in a unique fashion.Many schools provide music programs where students can be part of the band and play an instrument of their choosing. Many people enjoy music, whether this be by listening to it or playing an instrument. Students can exercise their brains and may expose themselves to new social experiences by joining the band . There are many benefits of being in a band. Some of these advantages include an improvement in academic performance, build up of social skills, a wider knowledge of culture and history, and relieving stress. 

One benefit of being in a band is that it can improve student performance. A study in the Journal of Educational Psychology analyzed data on over 112,000 students in British Columbia and compared the scores of musicians and non-musicians on standardized math, science, and English tests taken in the 10th or 12th grade. They found that musicians on average tended to perform better than non-musicians. In band, students utilize many skills in reading and playing music. Musical training can assist in developing language and reasoning. Students can also improve in memorization skills, because although students may perform with sheet music, they constantly use their memory while playing. In addition, students may further develop the skill of multitasking due to the multiple aspects a musician must consider when playing a piece of music, such as the rhythm, notes, and dynamics.

Another benefit of participating in band is that students can improve in their social skills. Students develop skills in teamwork when working in a band and learn to communicate more effectively. Band is about working with other members in creating music with different layers and diverse sounds. People may become more open with others in taking risks and dealing with fear when performing. Students can feel a connection among their fellow band members and understand each other’s feelings through teaming up to play music.

Band students learn much more than music from Mr. Dunn.

Additionally, partaking in a band is beneficial because it can expand student’s minds in culture and history. Bands tend to play a range of music, from classical, to jazz , and pop. Band members may feel more encouraged to investigate music from various cultures to get a feel for a wider range of sounds. When practicing a piece of music, pupils may take time to learn the history of it, and the mechanisms which led to its creation. This knowledge leads students to become aware of a world outside their own and could assist them in other experiences later in life. 

Skill development is not the only perk to joining a band. The entertainment that comes with being part of a group of people with a common interest can also relieve stress. Students can play soothing melodies, which can help them to relax. They have the opportunity to come together as a group and collectively form sounds into an amazing piece. The peace and fulfillment that comes with creating music is undeniable. 

Band has many benefits and assists students in several ways. It can help the mind by developing students’ academic skills, as well as exposing individuals to new cultures and reduce their stress levels. Hopefully more people will learn the advantages of being in a band and decide to engage in this amazing experience.