Somerset’s Multicultural Festival Set to Be a Culmination of International Culture and Art

Somerset’s Multicultural Festival Set to Be a Culmination of International Culture and Art

Ava Goren, Staff Writer

The Somerset Canyons community is hosting the annual multicultural festival on May 9th in the breezeway. This festival is a well-known sign that the school year is coming to a close, and excitement is growing in anticipation for both. At the Somerset Multicultural Festival, culture, travel, music, and food merge in a celebratory atmosphere that’s set on educating students and community members alike on the distinctive customs and art of countries all around the globe. According to Ms. Tokan, who is planning the event, the intention is to “…bring people together and just have fun!” A variety of countries will be recognized. Such as, Columbia, Haiti, Mexico, Italy, France, Panama, Greece, Jamaica, and the US. There will be face painting, music, food, and possibly hair wrapping and a bounce horse for guests to enjoy! 

Beyond being a celebration of the year’s end and a way to recognize the important cultures of the world, the multicultural festival is also a fundraiser for the school’s clubs. Booths set up by the clubs will line the basketball court as the scent of international dishes wafts through the toasty air that signifies summer’s approach. This food will be provided by each individual club. The involved clubs chose their respective countries such as the Cooking Club which chose to represent France. This will be their first time ever participating in a school festival. 

I got in touch with Chef Carolyn who manages the club, and she informed me that their booth will be a Patisserie that sells mainly sweets as well as French baguettes with homemade cheese fondue. (The inclusion of the baguettes is dependent on how members choose to volunteer).

Acting as a representative for the club, Ms. Carolyn told me that the Cooking Club’s hopes for this festival are to “…[work] together to represent the yummy foods of France…” And “…to spread interest to more students for the Cooking Club next year.” 

The multicultural festival is a wonderful opportunity for clubs to raise money one last time for end-of-the-year parties such as the dessert party that the Cooking Club is hoping to afford for its last week. It is also a great way to get ahead of the game and fundraise for resources and supplies that the clubs depend on for the school year.

Go visit the Cooking Club’s Patisserie booth on May 9th at the Somerset Multicultural Festival. The festival will be held from 4:30 P.M to 6:00 P.M and admission is free! All booths accept cash only. Get your tickets now on the Somerset website!