Epic Epcot Trip

Epic Epcot Trip

Ava Goren, Staff Writer

On April 12th, the sophomores got the chance to play hooky on a school sponsored trip to Epcot Disney Theme Park in Orlando, FL! There were two buses that chauffeured students to the theme park on a nearly three-hour drive from the school. Students had to make sure they arrived on campus around 6:30 A.M, so they could get checked before sitting themselves on the bus around 6:50 A.M.

Once arrived the “Most Magical Place on Earth”, students were allowed to split up into groups with their friends and explore the park for around twelve hours! They spent this time patiently waiting in line for the few rides that Epcot offers, exploring the Epcot circle that transports park-goers into world travelers, shopping, and eating. 

The interactive Test Track ride was a fan favorite from the looks of it. However, as Aiden Gorman put it, “It was the journey that was the best.” and the people that surround us make or break this journey.

Most students were said to have behaved just fine as they only wanted to have fun with their peers and embrace the invaluable experience. “They were very kind.” Mr. Gorman quipped. “In fact, during the trip, every time we saw each other, we’d hug.”

Besides hitting a little snag when it was time to leave, all affairs went smoothly. The students ended up making it back to school grounds around 1:00 A.M, tired but content.

The 2023 Sophomore School Trip earned a 10/10 review from the sophomores who are looking forward to their junior trip next year. 

Ava’s View:

I shut the car door excitedly and hurried to the middle school cafeteria in the early morning with my friend Madison. When I got to the cafeteria, I found my friends and talked with them for a few minutes before it was time to go. 

Then I got on the bus and went to the best seats (in the back of course) where my friends were already seated. I sat with one of them and ended up listening to music and starting a bad movie when sleep failed me.

Once we got to Epcot, it was really easy and quick to get into the park. For some reason unknown to me, we had to wait for around 25 minutes in front of the Epcot ball before we could get moving.

Before that happened though, it was group picture time!! The groups from both buses huddled together with the dreary overcast sky in the background and the Epcot ball that overshadowed it all. 

Then my group and I found each other and set off on our travels! 

We decided to go on the rides that were closest to the front of the park first to be as efficient as possible. This included Mission: Space Orange Level (the more extreme one), Test Track, and Finding Nemo. My favorite ride out of these was probably Test-Track because of the last bit that goes really fast outside, but the Soarin’ ride that we went on later is close behind too. 

After seeking out thrills, we chose to switch it up and seek travel and culture instead. We started our trek through the giant Epcot circle that shrinks internationally and includes pieces of their individual architectural styles, cultures, history, and food. We had time to go to all of the countries which included: England, the USA, France, Norway, Japan, China, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Germany, a small village in Africa, and Morocco. My favorite countries to visit were England, France, Norway, and China.

After that, we stopped in Japan for dinner. We went to a nice cozy restaurant where I got shrimp udon soup. The shrimp was extremely soggy, but the noodles were so good, and it came with the cost of the trip, so it was nice that we didn’t have to pay extra.

By that point, it was starting to get dark out, so my friends and I enjoyed a nice walk back through the countries to our starting place at the Epcot ball. We walked to the nearby lake and waited for the annual firework show that celebrates Epcot to start. 

The firework show was awesome and a perfect way to end the night. After the “bus fiasco” that I won’t go into much detail about and ultimately, got solved anyway, we started our long trip home.

This school trip was one I hope I never forget. It was, in theory, unforgettable because of how amazing it was, but because I know my memory, I have my doubts about what details I’ll still remember come next year. I hope I surprise myself and remember it all.