Cameras in the Classroom: Creepy or Crucial?

Christy Cohen, Staff Writer

A few weeks ago, cameras were installed in all the classrooms throughout Somerset Canyons so that administration could monitor classroom activity, and ensure that students and teachers are always in a safe, secure environment. Since the school’s inaugural year, cameras were already placed in various locations. However, as safety has become a growing concern, more schools – such as ours – have made efforts to enhance campus security.

A positive aspect of the newly-installed cameras is that classroom activity can be monitored. These security cameras will allow for close watch to be kept on students to ensure that no suspicious activity is going on. They can show if a student is doing anything dangerous or dubious. Teachers can also be watched, thus ensuring that teachers are doing their jobs properly and behaving appropriately.

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However, it is clear that there less privacy for students and teachers. Many students may feel like they are being constantly watched and cannot function normally. Some people believe that this is an invasion of their privacy and feel like they are always being monitored. Students may feel uncomfortable under this constant surveillance.

In a final analysis, there are several positive and negative effects that cameras in classrooms have on students and teachers. Many feel safer, while others feel invaded. Since it is unlikely that the cameras will be removed, hopefully students will be able to grow accustomed to the cameras without having them negatively impact their day.