Students Steal the Show in Mary Poppins Jr.

Christina Salsberry, Editor

On April 20th, four of our fellow classmates performed in Mary Poppins Jr. at Standing Ovation Performing Arts, and will be performing again on April 21st, as well as April 27th and 28th.

Katia Campos, an 8th grade student, plays the lead role of Mary Poppins, a perfect, magical nanny, on April 20th and 28th.

“The opening night performance was magnificent, and almost magical. Katia Campos played her role very well. All of the performers did a wonderful job on stage. The show was ‘practically perfect in every way,’” said one audience member.

Holly Sutton, a junior, plays the role of Winifred Banks, a woman who needs help as she struggles with marriage and motherhood, on April 20th and 28th.

Shayna Lefrak, a 9th grade student, plays the role of Jane Banks, a young girl who just wants to have fun, on April 20th and 28th.

Reyna Jackson, a junior, plays the roles of Neleus, a statue that desires to step down from her platform and join the passerby, and a chimney sweep.

Katia, Holly, and Shayna all are ensemble members on the 21st and the 27th.

If you would like to see the show, tickets can be bought here.