Trumps Endorsement of drinking Lysol

Crazy Corona Catch Up


What does Trump and Lysol have in common?

Briana Berry, Writer

Throughout the pandemic, many people have been led to believe that specific odd actions can rid people of COVID-19, for example, a man in Florida claimed that blowing hot air from a blow-dryer can prevent the virus. This we have come to expect from Florida, but not from the Commander in Chief. At the white house press conference, on April 23, William Bryan, the acting undersecretary of science of technology, made a statement of a collection of ways to prevent the disease. He claimed that light, such as sunlight or ultraviolet light, can counter the condition and stops the spread, proving this ideal through a series of numbers and graphs. (no one read the charts.) To continue his list of findings, the Undersecretary of Science of Technology stated that using bleach or Lysol would be able to destroy the disease in one second, proving this fact by showing another chart of numbers and graphs (that no one gave a [censored for inappropriate content] about.)

After this, Bryan stepped away, allowing the President to speak. (horrible decision, really). President Trump ended the conference by basically repeating everything Bryan said, especially about ultraviolet light, and then the press asked him an assortment of questions in his office. As usual, he became aggravated with the media and made a commit saying, that injecting disinfectant should get rid of COVID.


In response to this commit, the disinfect Lysol manager told in a public report the people should not be doing this. Because if you inject or drink Lysol (bleach), you will die, so don’t do it.

Don’t do any self-medication because they’re pretty stupid and will not work.


Overall, don’t drink or inject bleach, Lysol, or Dettol, because it may clear anything in the lungs as President Trump claims. However, you will die, like drop-dead die.


This has been your Crazy Corona Catch Up