Coronavirus vs.Sports:What Steps are Athletes Taking During this Uncertain Time?


Jordan Larimer

Weights sit untouched in the school weight room as student athletes find alternatives at home.

Madison Barrass, Grammar Editor

Many athletes have felt the effects of being quarantined because of the Coronavirus, several of whom have become creative in their ways to stay in shape.  

Several types of sports have been prevented from playing.  Many teams do not know exactly when they will reopen. The Major Baseball League has been postponed until the middle of May, but the date is still very uncertain.  The National Basketball season had to take a pause in the middle of March Madness, which has come as a disappointment to many fans and players. They have stated at the earliest, they will open in the middle of June.  No one is positive when or even if the season will continue. Many international soccer teams have also felt a halt in their normal schedule.

Many celebrities and players have offered their support through Instagram and Twitter, instructing fans to stay home while also spending time with their loved ones. 

Dancer Madison Barrass is staying on point with her practice!

While some athletes have relaxed, decompressed, and healed with the break, many ballerinas have come up with creative ways to stay active.  From big companies such as the New York City Ballet, to small studios in Boca Raton, many have continued pushing through with Instagram Live classes in order to stay in shape.  For many, this has motivated many dancers to focus on their shortcomings and heal during this break. For some, it is very stressful, as it has negatively impacted their livelihoods.  Many dancers and studios have set up support funding for local companies such as Miami City Ballet.  

Dancers also advise students to stay consistent and healthy throughout these times of uncertainty. 

“I think it is crucial that student athletes, who despite not being able to practice at studios or on fields, stay diligent.” says one ninth grade student.