2019-2020 Staff

Cole Kasprzyk

Staff Writer

Cole Kasprzyk is a hard working student ever since he arrived in 6th grade. He puts effort into everything he does and never gives up. Cole has a creative mind and a love for all things pop culture. He is dependable and never...

Riley Kasprzyk

Staff Writer

Riley Kasprzyk is an ambitious freshman, and he will be enthusiastically starting his first year on the newspaper staff. He has been at Somerset since sixth grade, and has bold goals he will be pursuing through high school, including...

Colby Abuhoff

Content Editor

Colby Abuhoff is a Freshmen this school year at Somerset Academy Canyons High School. He was originally born in Long Island, New York and moved to Florida at three years old. He has been at SAC since his grade six school year....

Sasha Legagneur

Head Editor

Sally Brown

Content Editor

Sally Brown is a passionate writer and well-spoken 9th grader, who will stop at nothing to get her point across. One point she’ll never stop bringing up is the importance of all forms of literature in her life. Starting from...