Ways to Stay in Shape Over Winter Break


Margaret Moya

            During the holidays, many people relax and do not exercise as much as they normally would. This is certainly not a bad thing, but there are plenty of means to stay physically active and health conscious. 

  • Walking

 Florida’s weather in winter is the perfect temperature for walking. It is not so cold that one must wear a jacket, but the cool breeze prevents fatigue and excessive sweating, which would otherwise occur during other seasons. Sydney Sanger, a Somerset student, says that she especially enjoys walking during winter break; “It feels nice, and the breeze is nice”. In addition to being enjoyable, walking is also great for your health. A walk around the neighborhood for just 10-20 minutes a day can help improve muscle tone and increase your metabolism. 

  1.   Going to the gym

The gym is much more accessible during winter break than during school. During the break, the majority of students have plenty of free time, and this free time can be spent at the gym. A membership for Planet Fitness is only ten dollars a month and it includes 

access to a wide variety of equipment to fit one’s specific needs and goals. Examples of a few   beneficial exercises are lifting weights, running on a treadmill, and other cardio exercises, and all of these can be done at a gym.

  1.   Eating healthy

Eating healthy during winter break is absolutely not easy, but it can be done without sacrificing delicious Christmas meals. What most people do not realize is that simple foods and drinks contain massive amounts of added sugar. Hot chocolate, for example, is a frequently consumed drink during the holiday season, but just one serving contains 25 grams of sugar. Heart.org recommends no more than 24 grams of sugar a day for a female. This means that just one serving of hot chocolate exceeds the daily intake of sugar for a woman. The drink, with other food and beverages, quickly adds up and can affect health from the sugar and calories. Instead of drinking hot chocolate, one should consider consuming other beverages, perhaps ones with no added sugar. Pies and cookies are also high in sugar and calories and should be eaten according to one’s health goals. 

           Furthermore, certain commonly eaten Christmas foods are actually great for one’s health. For example, chicken and turkey, which are often cooked during the holidays, are a great source of protein. Protein helps build and retain muscle and is great for physical health. Mash potatoes are rich in vitamin C, which helps build and repair tissues in the body.

         Overall, winter break is for relaxation and enjoying the holidays, and this can be done whilst being healthy. The benefits of being healthy are undeniable, and winter break is a great time to continue to reach one’s health goals.