How to Survive Midterm Season


Ava Goren

Midterms are fast approaching, and it is important for students to know what to expect from these three important days, so they can prepare accordingly.

Midterm days are half-days preceding Winter Break when tests are administered in every class to test students’ levels of comprehension of the material covered throughout the first half of the school year. All students must be present on these days (this year: December 19th, 20th, and the 21st) to take their exams as they cannot be taken early nor late. These exams make up 40% of the total grade for each course, so it is vital that scholars ensure they come to school feeling their best, so they can reach their highest potential. Here is some advice to make exam season go as smoothly as possible.

Start studying early-If you want to do the best you can on your midterms, you must not procrastinate studying. Seven classes are a lot to study for, so get a head start by crafting a schedule where you focus on a class or two per day for around a week, so when the test is passed out, you’ll be confident in your knowledge and prospects of success. “Don’t wait to study til [until] the last minute, keep your stuff organized, and ask any questions you have [before the exam].” Suggests Law 1 and World History teacher Mrs. Friedman. 

Take extra care of yourself- Make sure to get enough sleep, eat nutritious meals, drink plenty of water, and manage stress properly before midterm dates. We’re at our best when our minds and bodies’ needs are met, so prepare in advance, so you can enjoy relaxing evenings prior to testing days. Your mind will not perform at its peak capacity if you can’t keep your eyes open. 

Study efficiently and effectively- This goes along with getting a head start on reviewing test material. If you create a study plan and stick to it, you won’t have to cram all that information into one night. There’s only so much information our brain can keep track of, so don’t stuff yourself with too much at once. Lastly, find the most effective studying technique for you. Everyone’s mind works differently, so certain studying strategies will work better for some more than others, but one scientifically backed studying method is called “active recall”. It includes purposely attempting to retrieve information from the mind and fully comprehending it. Another technique you can try along with this is repeating the material aloud while recalling its significance and what it means to you. Finding a system of studying that works for you is key to acing your midterms and prospering throughout your academic career.

         Midterms are an annual evil that are best overcome with proper preparation. Keep trudging forward and soon enough, you’ll be kicking your feet up with hot chocolate and a book in hand.