The Cougars are About to Have a Field Day!


Cole Kasprzyk, Content Editor

One small step for man, one giant leap for our Cougar Nation! The new synthetic turf field has finally been completed, ready to be used for both the upcoming ceremonies, as well as future athletic games.


Even though Somerset Academy Canyons (SAC) already had a field, it can be assured that the new changes are well worth the cost and time put into it. After being worked on for several months, the new synthetic field is the most recent addition to the layout of the campus, following the gymnasium that resides just right in front of it. SAC is one of the schools in the state of Florida to feature this new synthetic turf field.


The new synthetic developments on the field allow several advantages for the upcoming sports seasons. The field uses a technology known as TOCool evaporation. This allows the field to remain cooler even in Florida’s warmest temperatures, making sure that the athletes do not break too much of a sweat. The field cools using eco-friendly processes whenever the field picks up humidity.


Additionally, the field is made up of a durable, artificial substance. This will astronomically help out the various sports teams, providing them with a more durable and traction-friendly terrain when going toe-to-toe with opposing teams. However, the field is harder and rougher, which is detrimental to soccer players as they need to be more cautious when skidding on the ground.


The Athletic Director, Coach Feierstein told the Sun-Sentinel, “They are excited and it’s tremendous to give the kids an opportunity to practice and perform on a consistent turf field and we do not have to worry about the field being torn up,”.


Whether you are a fan of soccer, football, or any other sport of the like, you can look forward to watching them live on the new synthetic turf field in the upcoming seasons. SAC has scored a touchdown this time!