A Drive-in Movie and a Zoom Call Please! Alternative Ways to Spend a Viral Valentines Day


On Friday February 12, SGA will be hosting a drive-in movie event! For $5, Somerset students can watch the lovable rom-com “10 Things I Hate About You” with their friends ( 4 per car). Hope to see you there!

Jessica Eugene , Staff Writer

As we all know, February 14th is Valentine’s Day. On this annual event, we celebrate love and admiration for those we care for. Every year we demonstrate these feelings to our loved ones by gift-giving and/or spending time together. Though the COVID-19 pandemic has limited the activities we can do this season, here are some ways you can still celebrate those you love during these difficult times.

Virtual Movie Date

Let’s begin with some social-distancing activities. One thing you can do alongside that special someone this Valentine’s Day is host a virtual movie event. Zoom has screen sharing capabilities that you can use to watch movies with anyone at the same time. Although you are not physically together, you can still have the experience of a movie date. So, grab your laptop and some popcorn and enjoy this modern experience! 

Drive-In Movie Date

Go to your local drive-in movie theater to enjoy a lovely film with your valentine. This option allows for visitors to reside in the comfort of their car while maintaining a safe distance from others. Make sure to bring those snacks!

Sign Up for Virtual Classes

Learn something new or indulge in a fun activity by signing up for virtual classes with your valentine. These can range from painting classes where you create beautiful artwork to poetry seminars where you learn to create meaningful poetry for your loved one. 

Dinner at Home

With this date idea, you can either order food from a restaurant or make a delicious meal at home with your significant other. Set a table, light some candles, get dressed up and enjoy a delicious dinner date with your boo!


Regardless of how you choose to spend this day, remember that it can still be celebrated despite COVID-19. While typical Valentine’s activities such as going out to a restaurant in the downtown area or having a party for Galentine’s Day may not be an accessible option this year, there are still ways to have a lovely day on this day of love.