This Movie Has Soul

Lorenzo Pastro, Staff Writer

Pixar has struck again with yet another masterpiece, this time with the new movie “Soul”. It is easily one of the year’s best films for many reasons that include its excellent animation and its story. “Soul” follows Joe, a middle school music teacher who has lost his passion for music. He is transported out of his body and must find his way back from the Great Before rebranded as the You Seminar with 22, a soul learning about themself. The themes in this film of finding out what life is about are brought into animation with amazing storytelling that results in success.

Directors Kemp Powers and Pete Docter has brought many magical stories to the world of Pixar, including “Up”, “Inside Out”, and “Monsters, Inc.”. “Soul” is no different. The only cons in this movie are just little things. The movie also has many fun parts that sometimes counter the emotion. The directors of the film brought this story to life with amazing animation and great voice acting performances by Jamie Foxx as Joe and Tina Fey as 22. They capture the essence of the characters with many emotional elements alongside many fun elements that are sure to keep most viewers laughing from time to time.

 The animation in this film, along with the character models that are used, are great, and the background settings of New York City and the You Seminar (a place where souls find their spark before going to Earth) are amazing and fit right into the theme of the film with the use of color. The themes of jazz used in the movie fit perfectly with the animation and the end result is magical. Throughout the film the animation is excellent, and it is also a constant reminder of the difference that has been made by the evolution of animation throughout the years.

The music in this film captures the many elements of jazz and matches alongside the visual elements of jazz shown on screen. The film includes jazz compositions by Jon Batiste, and an original score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Rose that deliver both down to earth elements and themes of music, along with out of this world elements of music in the score that all together have powerful emotion.

Overall, the movie is amazing, with fantastic animation, great voice acting performances that capture the essence of the characters, powerfully emotional musical elements, and a story that lives up to the powerful and amazing storytelling that Pixar always delivers. The rating that I would give “Soul” is a 9/10 and I would highly recommend this movie for people to watch. “Soul” is available to watch on Disney+ or in limited theaters.