Cougars Return Back to SAC!

Students must socially distance themselves in the cafeteria and classrooms for safety purposes.

Students must socially distance themselves in the cafeteria and classrooms for safety purposes.

Madison Barrass, Grammar Editor

On September 21, 2020, many students returned to campus for the first time since March while following safety precautions.


Students attended classes at a smaller percentage than usual.  Desks are located six feet apart from each other and there are two people maximum at lunch tables.  Masks must be worn by everyone at the school, including students and faculty. 


“It is important because you’re coming in contact with many people and you don’t want to risk getting anyone or yourself sick”, said tenth grade student Damianna Miolla. “I think masks are important to wear in school because they are very effective in helping prevent the spread of the virus and in keeping people safe from getting sick.”


Campus is not as lively and busy as it normally is, and many students are eager to get back to their “normal” routines.  Fall sports, including cross country, football, volleyball, swimming, golfing, bowling, and cheerleading have all started conditioning.  Many clubs have resumed instruction and have returned to normal schedules, even if they are through Zoom. 

In an attempt to prevent the spread of COVID-19, students must now walk in single- direction hallways while navigating campus.

However, many students still have not felt the return to normalcy yet.  Many students are having a difficult time with material and understanding how to handle learning on an online platform.


“Recently with being online it feels out of order because everyone is still trying to adjust. The hardest part about doing school online is paying attention because there are so many more distractions at home and it can become difficult to understand and see what the teachers are doing”, tenth grader Haley Feierstein expressed. 


As the year continues, both the Somerset community and the nation as a whole hope to feel more together as many places begin to reopen.