DIYing to do Something Fun? Get Crafty!


Bird design made from a Costco flyer, created by Mrs. Horsley.

Christy Cohen, Staff Writer

There are many DIY projects that people can do while in quarantine. Since it may be difficult to go out and buy supplies, crafts could be made with household objects. There has been a shortage of masks to keep people safe during this time, so many have decided to create their own using bandanas, t-shirts, or cloth. Rolled up magazine pages can be used to make animals, vases, bowls and more. Paper towel rolls can be utilized to make wall art, a tabletop organizer, and even a phone speaker. Ordinary paper can be utilized to create sculptures, origami animals, and objects to use as decorations for around the house. 

Flower ring made from an old lamp shade by Mrs. Horsley.

Water bottles can be made into planters, lamps, and coin banks. The caps of water bottles or other drink containers can be used to create art. Tin cans can be made into vases, lamps, and art pieces, as well as holders and storage organizers. Boxes can be created into home décor to go on walls or can be used around the house as storage bins. Shirts can be made into bags or pillows. 

In addition, since people have had more time at home, many have taken up cooking and baking as their new hobby. Take the challenge of creating a dish using the items in your home  and see what you come up with!  In addition, there are many recipes that require minimal or simple ingredients, such as that of fruit smoothies, cookies, and pasta. Many people have taken this time to enhance their cooking skills and tackle difficult recipes, which can be enjoyable to do with family as well.

Family heirloom painted and redesigned by Mrs. Horsley.

The quarantine has allowed people to further explore their creative interests by delving into new projects and making food dishes. It seems that new ideas arise everyday for items to make or food recipes to do, so go out there and be creative!