500 Miles? Nothing for Mrs. Taylor!


Mrs. Taylor, the cross country coach, flexes after running her 500th mile during quarantine.

Sasha Legagneur, Editor-in-Chief

Our very own Mrs. Taylor took on an impressive feat during quarantine. With stay at home orders roaming the nation for the past couple months, she decided to set a goal for herself in which she would run 500 miles in 50 days. Due to her determination, she was able to accomplish this goal in only 46 days !  “I had a goal and it helped me get through the quarantine and working from home with two kids craziness. Running has always been a calming thing for me”, the Mathematics teacher/Cross Country Coach stated.

Mrs.Taylor’s accomplishment shows how this long, difficult season can be spent productively. Rather than sulking over what cannot be done, consider activities that are accessible and open to complete.