Enduring the Pandemic With Family and Friends


One way people have spent their time in Quarantine is by playing board games with family members and friends.

Madison Barrass, Grammar Editor

In recent months, the COVID-19 outbreak has taken the world by storm.  With almost three hundred thousand dead and millions diagnosed, people are in a worldwide panic.  However, many people have found a way to lighten the mood and spend more time with loved ones while still staying safe.

It is common in modern day society to hear the phrase “I am too busy”.  However, many families have spent more time together in several ways.  “I have spent more time eating dinners and watching movies with my family now than ever”, says one Somerset parent.  Many students have found that this pandemic has helped them reunite with their loved ones.  Between cooking, making crafts, and watching old television shows, teens have found several ways to connect to their family members. 

Nearby friends are also able to stay in touch with one another.  Many people have celebrated “distance-birthdays”, driving by each other’s houses and honking.  Social media has also provided a great tool for bonding while staying healthy and protected.  By sharing pictures and memories, friends have been able to feel closer to each other than ever before. “It is good because it brings (families) together and lets them spend time together bonding” ,says one ninth grade student.

Families and friends have used Zoom, Google Duo, and Facetime to see each other’s faces and sustain some type of normality.  As stores and businesses begin to reopen, many have started to look to the future with hope.